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Graduate Admissions

A Law School at the Center of U.S. and International Law

At ѿý Washington College of Law, students receive a legal education that prepares them to tackle a breadth of challenges in Washington, D.C., throughout the country, and around the world. Our LL.M. programs feature flexible curricula that incorporate a rich array of specialized law courses and seminars and experiential learning opportunities. As a student, you will be supported by a law school community that is uniquely collaborative, including faculty who are passionate about education and a global network of LL.M. alumni. We invite you to discover what an LL.M. degree from Washington College of Law can do for you.

The Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.) is the most advanced law degree at ѿý Washington College of Law. The program is designed for highly qualified lawyers seeking to pursue scholarly research and writing. The program selects candidates who are prepared to write a doctoral dissertation, who will make original contributions to the legal literature, and who have a strong intellectual commitment to advanced legal study.